make up cleaning tricks

Using baking soda is an old fashioned remedy for cleaning nearly anything, and there’s a good reason. Baking soda soaks up oils. Use baking soda, diluted of course, to soak up any oily messy makeup. just simply since after that nice 2-3 minute soak, but don’t forget to let your brushes dry.



You’ll notice that rubbing alcohol will clean most makeup from tools and other places like counter tops. This is because the alcohol breaks down the oils in the cosmetics quickly, and as long as they are wet they are easy to wipe off. Vodka works too if you want to be extra high class.


Clean your brushes and let them rest at an angle after washing them. Never keep your brushes soaked in water or any other solution. When you are finished applying makeup be sure to agitate them in a cleaning solution of alcohol and water but be sure to dry them.



Make a mixtures with 4 cups of warm water, 1-2 tablespoons Coconut Oil, and 1-2 squirts of baby wash or face wash. Dip the wipes in this mixture and put them in a zip loc bag. That’s it. Save tons of money on makeup wipesImage

Cleaning Lipstick

Maybe you’ve shared your lipstick with someone sick or someone who’s kissed way too many boys. Well don’t trash your perfect lipstick for that! Simply roll up a bit of the lipstick and scrape it off. Then dip the excess in some rubbing alcohol; it won’t hurt it, and viola! Your lipstick is good as new.


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